Stubbornness. That’s what stands behind the Home Kitchen concept and its current look. We’ve had an image in our heads from the very first day of what our business should look like, and we didn’t want to compromise our vision one bit. You can read more below about our journey to create the bistro, coffee shop or restaurant of our dreams.

  • Home Kitchen

    The idea of opening an unconventional bistro dates back to 2004. We wanted to blur the lines between kitchen and restaurant, let staff and guests mingle and bring people from different walks of life together. Businessmen, students, Prague natives… This was the concept behind Home Kitchen.

  • A dream without a home

    In 2007 we knew that Home Kitchen would not have tablecloths on the tables, staff would not wear bowties and the menu would change each day, always with fresh ingredients. And Mirek Strakoš would exercise his secret architectural talents and design the interior himself. The only problem? There was no suitable place in Prague to start making the dream a reality….

  • First pancakes

    Things finally got rolling in November 2009. We opened the first Home Kitchen and welcomed our first guest on Jungmannova street in Prague. He ordered pancakes. With homemade yogurt and fresh fruit. Resident foodie Eduard Ondráček tweaked a Jamie Oliver recipe and cooked them up, setting the standard nice and high with his culinary talents. From that first batch of pancakes, Home Kitchen has always specialized in fresh foods with few ingredients. Our simple, wholesome recipes take their inspiration from our grandmothers and master chef Gordon Ramsay. Dishes like Moroccan duck, slow-cooked brisket and chickpea, tomato and mango salad have featured in our menus from day one.

  • Crusty? Check!

    We spent six months testing different kinds of flour and cultivating our own starter. We taste-tested our first attempts to get the crust nice and crispy. In early 2010 we started making our own bread, which we still bake fresh each morning. And it is, in fact, quite crusty.

  • Comfort foods

    We all grew up on them: apple bread pudding, rice pudding, sweet dumplings with custard sauce... In 2010 we decided to bring back some of our favorite dishes from when we were kids. Since then we’ve been making traditional dishes based on our grandmothers’ recipes.

  • Come over for dinner

    In 2011 we extended our opening hours into the evening. Our customers weren’t content with just lunch, so we started making dinner, too.

  • Coffee fresh from the roasters

    We started out offering Danesi coffee and since 2013 we carry Danesi and beans from local roaster Coffee Source.

  • Holešovice

    After five years of cooking, baking and tasting, we opened another bistro, this time in Holešovice. Certain team members had been complaining that they couldn’t get a decent cuppa anywhere. This particular bistro is actually quite a big larger than the restaurant in the city center, which allowed Miroslav Strakoš to really let his imagination go wild on the interior, featuring wood and metal. Chefs Standa Riedl and Václav Bolek and their team come up with a new menu every day, made up of three soups, one main meat course and several sandwiches and seasonal salads.

  • 2015

    On October 14 we opened a new location on Kozí Street. It is a bit larger than its two older sisters. We have an outside area with a little clubhouse next to it. Another Home Kitchen location is scheduled to open in Smíchov – Anděl by the end of the year.


A big thank you!

To everybody who is or has been a part of Home Kitchen. We’ve had a few rough moments over the last five years. But what a ride it’s been! Besides Miroslav Strakoš, owner and creator of the Home Kitchen concept, we have to thank Filip Kocián, Tomáš Soukup, Eva Svaková and Eduard Ondráček, who left us to open his own restaurant, but really kicked off the era of the fantastic Home Kitchen cooks. Petr Líska helped out when Eduard was still on board and took over the kitchen when he left. Petr lives in Moravia now, but he still comes in and puts on an apron from time to time. Oh, and he’s the guy who writes the menus.