Home Kitchen

Home Kitchen koncept

The Home Kitchen concept

We took our inspiration for the Home Kitchen bistro from the individuality and charm of each home kitchen. You won’t find any doors here blocking off the kitchen from the seating area. Since the very beginning our goal has been to create a home-like space for everyone. Looking around today, we feel it worked.

Our Coffee

A day without a cup of coffee is not a proper one. We love coffee and we think that you have to spare some time to enjoy a cup of coffee every day. We make coffee from the Coffee Source roastery in every Home Kitchen. It has always been essential for us to have the coffee supplier nearby in order to be able to respond to suggestions of our guests and offer them an interesting cup of coffee with characteristic taste. You can always choose between two types of coffee in every Home Kitchen.


Which Home Kitchen do you like the best? Each is unique in its style, yet the calm and cozy feeling of the home kitchen concept is characteristic for all of them.